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NPM Hooks


NPM scripts are a set of scripts available in the package.json file that the author can choose to use during various parts of the package installation process.


These scripts are typically used to do useful things like run a set of tests or run a make command, but because it can also be used to execute arbitrary code during the installation process, it's extremely important to ensure the commands contained in these scripts are safe.


In October of 2022, Phylum detected a typosquatting attack on the NPM ecosystem that targeted over 120 high profile packages including tslib, ignore, and anymatch. At the time of the attack these packages accounted for over 1.2 Billion weekly downloads--a gigantic attack surface targeting a huge number of developers. Once installed, the packages, whose index.js file contained the malicious code, would be automatically triggered to execute via a preinstall hook in the package.json file.