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Webhook Exfil


A Discord webhook allows an external service to send automated messages or notifications directly to a specific channel in a Discord server. This is a commonly used exfiltration technique used by a lot of recent stealer malware.


Discovering a hard-coded webhook within an open-source software package is an indication of potential malicious activity. When combined with a POST request to that webhook, it is highly likely to be a variant of credential-stealing malware. It's worth noting that most stealers are intended to operate during package installation. This means that if a user were to execute a pip install <package> command in the case of PyPI, the malware would be triggered, making it critical to be aware of any attempts at webhook exfiltration before installing the package.


The use of a Discord webhook as a method for data exfiltration is a relatively new technique that has been widely observed and previously documented in publications. Generally, these stealers are activated during package installation and easily spotted by a cursory glance at the code. However, in March 2023, Phylum released an article outlining how attackers are now utilizing this method in a more subtle manner by concealing the stealer code deep within existing packages.