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Alternate Installation Methods

Build from source

Phylum is written in Rust, so you'll need a recent Rust installation to build it (we tested with v1.61.0). See how to install Rust for more information.

  1. Clone repository

    git clone
  2. Build the project

    cargo build
  3. You can use the executable directly as ./target/debug/phylum or install it like so:

    cargo install --locked --path cli

Install with Python

The phylum Python package provides a script entry point, phylum-init, for bootstrapping the Phylum CLI.

See the phylum-ci project for full detail.

pipx install phylum

Install from GitHub release

Pre-built binaries for select targets are available in our GitHub releases.

Archives can be manually verified by their signature file (which has the .signature extension) with openssl and the public key for Phylum:

$ openssl dgst -sha256 -verify -signature phylum-*.zip.signature phylum-*.zip
Verified OK