Integrations Overview


Phylum is the future of software supply chain security and is eager to provide integrations across the diverse
set of environments and ecosystems used by developers.

Current Integrations

The current Continuous Integration (CI) platforms/environments supported are:

GitHub Actions

See the GitHub Actions Integration documentation for more info.

GitLab CI

See the GitLab CI Integration documentation for more info.

Azure Pipelines

See the Azure Pipelines Integration documentation for more info.

Git pre-commit Hooks

See the Git pre-commit documentation for more info.

Future Integrations

If there is an unsupported use case for managing the security of your dependencies, we want to know about it.
If there is a way Phylum can be used to make your life as a developer easier, we want to be there for you and do it!

Please let us know what you need by either creating a GitHub issue
or sending a note through the general Contact Us options.