phylum analyze

Submit a request for analysis to the processing system

phylum analyze [OPTIONS] <lockfile>


-F, --force
Force re-processing of packages (even if they already exist in the system)

--filter <filter>
Provide a filter used to limit the issues displayed

-g, --group <group_name>
Specify a group to use for analysis

-j, --json
Produce output in json format (default: false)

-l <label>
Specify a label for a given analysis submission

-p, --project <project_name>
Specify a project to use for analysis (must already exist)

-v, --verbose
Increase verbosity of API response


# Analyze an npm lock file
$ phylum analyze package-lock.json

# Analyze a Maven lock file with a verbose json response
$ phylum analyze --json --verbose effective-pom.xml

# Analyze a PyPI lock file and apply a label
$ phylum analyze -l test_branch requirements.txt

# Analyze a Poetry lock file and return the results to the 'sample' project
$ phylum analyze -p sample poetry.lock

# Analyze a NuGet lock file using the 'sample' project and 'sGroup' group
$ phylum analyze -p sample -g sGroup app.csproj

# Analyze a RubyGems lock file and return a verbose response with only critical malware
$ phylum analyze --verbose --filter=crit,mal Gemfile.lock

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