phylum history

Return information about historical scans

phylum history [OPTIONS] [JOB_ID]

The job id to query, or current for the most recent job


--filter <filter>
Provide a filter used to limit the issues displayed

-j, --json
Produce output in json format (default: false)

-p, --project <project_name>
Project name used to filter jobs

-v, --verbose
Increase verbosity of API response


# List the last 30 analysis runs
$ phylum history

# View the analysis results of a historical job
$ phylum history 338ea79f-0e82-4422-9769-4e583a84599f

# View the analysis results of the most recent job
$ phylum history current

# View a list of analysis runs for the 'sample' project
$ phylum history --project sample

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