phylum init

Setup a new Phylum project

Usage: phylum init [OPTIONS] [PROJECT_NAME]


Phylum project name


-g, --group <GROUP_NAME>
Group which will be the owner of the project

-l, --lockfile
Project-relative lock file path

-t, --lockfile-type
Lock file type used for all lock files (default: auto)
Accepted values: npm, yarn, gem, poetry, pip, pipenv, mvn, gradle, nuget, go, cargo, spdx, auto

-f, --force
Overwrite existing configurations without confirmation

-v, --verbose...
Increase the level of verbosity (the maximum is -vvv)

-q, --quiet...
Reduce the level of verbosity (the maximum is -qq)

-h, --help
Print help


# Interactively initialize the Phylum project.
$ phylum init

# Create the `demo` project with a yarn lockfile and no associated group.
$ phylum init --lockfile yarn.lock --lockfile-type yarn demo