phylum package

Retrieve the details of a specific package

Usage: phylum package [OPTIONS] <type> <name> <version>


  Package ecosystem type   Accepted values: `npm`, `rubygems`, `pypi`, `maven`, `nuget`, `golang`, `cargo`   The name of the package.   The version of the package.


-j, --json
Produce output in json format (default: false)

-f, --filter
Provide a filter used to limit the issues displayed

   # Show only issues with severity of at least 'high'

    # Show issues with severity of 'critical' in the 'author'
   and 'engineering' domains

-v, --verbose...
Increase the level of verbosity (the maximum is -vvv)

-q, --quiet...
Reduce the level of verbosity (the maximum is -qq)

-h, --help
Print help


If the requested package has not yet been analyzed by Phylum, it will
automatically be submitted for processing.

The following order is used to determine which lockfile will be parsed:

  • CLI --lockfile parameters
  • Lockfiles in the .phylum_project file specified during phylum init
  • Recursive filesystem search

If any of these locations provides a lockfile, no further search will be done.
Recursive filesystem search takes common ignore files like .gitignore and
.ignore into account.


# Query specific package details
$ phylum package -t npm axios 0.19.0