phylum package

Retrieve the details of a specific package

Usage: phylum package [OPTIONS] <name> <version>


  The name of the package.   The version of the package.


-t, --package-type
The type of the package ("npm", "rubygems", "pypi", "maven", "nuget", "golang", "cargo")

-j, --json
Produce output in json format (default: false)

-f, --filter
Provide a filter used to limit the issues displayed

   # Show only issues with severity of at least 'high'

    # Show issues with severity of 'critical' in the 'author'
   and 'engineering' domains

-v, --verbose...
Increase the level of verbosity (the maximum is -vvv)

-q, --quiet...
Reduce the level of verbosity (the maximum is -qq)

-h, --help
Print help


If the requested package has not yet been analyzed by Phylum, it will
automatically be submitted for processing.


# Query specific package details
$ phylum package -t npm axios 0.19.0