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Dazz Integration


Phylum can be connected with Dazz to display Phylum findings in the Dazz application.

Getting Started

Current Dazz users can follow the installation instructions found on Dazz.

  1. In the Dazz application, select Connections and search for Phylum.

  2. Click Connect to add the connection.

  3. When prompted, set a Connection name and enter the Phylum Token you wish to use.

    • Note: Your Phylum token can be retrieved using the following command with the Phylum CLI tool
    phylum auth token
  4. Click Connect to finalize the connection.

View Findings

  1. Select Findings from the Dazz navigation bar.
  2. Click Add Filter.
  3. Select Detection Tool.
  4. Select Phylum.

This will filter finding results to those generated by Phylum. Click a finding for additional details.