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Netskope Integration


Phylum can be integrated with Netskope to incorporate Phylum's curated list of malicious open-source package hashes into a Netskope security policy.

Getting Started

Netskope users who purchase a Phylum threat feed subscription can follow the instructions below to subscribe to Phylum's curated malicious package hash list distribution. This list will be automatically reflected in your Netskope File Hash List on a regular cadence. There are three separate pieces of information needed to complete the subscription process:

  1. A Netskope v1 API Token for your tenant
  2. Your Netskope tenant name
  3. A Netskope File Hash List name

Obtain a Netskope v1 API Token

  1. Log in to your Netskope admin dashboard and then click on Settings.
  2. In Settings click on Tools.
  3. In Tools click on Rest API v1.
  4. Grab the Token value from Token section.

Obtain Your Netskope Tenant Name

  1. If you do not have a Netskope Tenant configured, follow these directions provided by Netskope. Upon completing this configuration, the name you chose will be the Tenant Name.
  2. If you already have a tenant configured, your Netskope Tenant name is simply the subdomain of your dashboard URL. For example when you log into your Netskope dashboard, look at the URL. It should be of the form https://<tenant-name> Grab the <tenant-name> part of this URL.

Create and Obtain the Name of Your File Hash List

  1. Once logged in to to your Netskope dashboard click on the Policies option in the left menu.
  2. From the Policies menu, click on File.
  3. From there, create a new file profile by clicking on the NEW FILE PROFILE button in the upper left.
  4. An "Add File Profile" modal should be displayed. In the left-most menu of the modal, click on File Hash.
  5. In the middle section click the ADD FILE HASH BY TYPE drop down and select SHA256.
  6. In the SHA256 text entry box, paste in the single SHA256 hash value of e7dc6a2f0c65a2c6f3d7cc2a11c3fd2acb4e23af1e55a8769366766ee22278c3. Note that this is just a dummy hash and will be overwritten by Phylum's list, but the list has to have at least one valid hash in order to be created. After entering the hash value, click Next in the bottom right.
  7. On the next modal interface enter a name in the PROFILE NAME text entry box. The name you enter here is the name of the File Hash List, so this is the value you'll need to grab. You can enter an optional description in the DESCRIPTION box.
  8. When finished click SAVE in the bottom right.

Send the Information to Your Phylum Contact

After completing the above, you should have obtained the following information:

  1. A Netskope v1 API Token for your tenant
  2. Your Netskope tenant name
  3. A Netskope File Hash List name

Send this information to your Phylum contact so we can finish the subscription process. Once your information is entered in to our system, your hash list will be updated on a regular cadence--roughly once every few hours.