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Phylum supports notification systems using email addresses or webhooks for various platforms including Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Discord. This document guides you through setting up notifications for each of these platforms.

Notifications are a Phylum Pro feature and can be configured at the group or project level. Currently, the only trigger for notifications is Continuous Monitoring events.

Notification Setup

Email Notifications

  1. Navigate to the 'Notifications' section in your Phylum group or project.
  2. Enter the email addresses that you wish to receive notifications.
  3. Confirm the addresses that will be sent notifications.
  4. A Subscription Confirmation email will be sent and each user will need to confirm their subscription.

Webhook Integration

  1. Navigate to the 'Notifications' section in your Phylum group or project.
  2. Follow the respective setup guide for the currently supported platforms:
  3. Enter the webhook URL provided by your chosen platform.
  4. Update your settings to enable Webhook notifications.


Setting up notifications for emails or webhooks ensures you stay updated with your Phylum account activities. Follow these steps to receive notifications via your preferred communication method.