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The Phylum UI offers a search bar allowing you to search by projects, packages in your projects, and packages in the Phylum database. Additionally, you can provide a CVE ID and Phylum will determine the affected packages/versions and return any relevant projects.

Project Filtering

The search bar in the project details view can be used to filter display results using the syntax in the table below:

CVSS:numberCVSS:10Display policy violations with a CVSS score of 10.0Display policy violations with the exact specified CVSS score
CVSS:number-numberCVSS:8.5-10Display policy violations with a score falling between 8.5 and 10.0Display policy violations with a CVSS score in the specified range
A, author, auth
E, engineering, eng
L, license,lic
M, malicious, mal
V, vulnerability, vuln
Display policy violations in the Malicous Code domain
Display policy violations in either the Malicious Code or Author Risk domains
Display policy violations of the specified domain
C, critical
H, high
M, medium
L, low
Display violations with a Critical severity
Display violations with either a Critical or High severity
Display policy violations of the specified severity
Issue tag prefixtag:H_
t:CV, _M
Display all policy violations with High severity
Display policy violations for Critical Vulnerabilities or Malicious Code
Display policy violations using the issue tag prefix syntax
Issue tag idCM0038Display policy violations with the CM0038 issue tagDisplay policy violations with the specified issue tag id
CVE IDCVE-2020-14343Display policy violations for CVE-2020-14343Display policy violations with the specified CVE ID
CA0001 | CM0038 | CVE-2020-14343Display policy violations with either the CA0001 or CM0038 tag or CVE-2020-14343Apply multiple filters using the | delimiter