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Transfer Group Ownership

Ownership of a Phylum group can be transferred to another Phylum PRO account. Only the owner of a group may add/remove members and delete projects or the group.


Phylum CLI

  1. Use the phylum group transfer command to transfer ownership of a group.

Example: Transfer ownership of the group sample from the current user to the user

phylum group transfer --group sample

Phylum UI

  1. Click on your user icon and navigate to the Groups Admin page.

    Phylum groups admin dropdown

  2. Click the Transfer Ownership button for the group you want to transfer.

    Phylum groups menu - transfer ownership button

  3. Type the email address of the account you want to transfer the group to.

    NOTE: Groups are a Phylum PRO feature, so the receiving account must be PRO.

  4. Click Confirm Transfer to complete the process.